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 A Trip Through the Streets of Amsterdam, 1922

Upscaled with neural networks footage of Amsterdam in the Netherlands in 1922. A lot of crowd scene and some people dancing
Credit: YT@Denis Shiryaev


This is what the face of a woman from Amsterdam (as seen in the video) could look like based on a neural network face-restoration algorithm

Denis Shiryaev 


The period 1813-1920 is marked by economic recovery and, from 1870 onwards, by expansion. The increasing wealth brought about a rapid population growth. This development was primarily the result of the Industrial Revolution which triggered off a New Golden Age. The city now ventured into the area beyond the Singelgracht. Large poorly built working-class neighbourhoods were built.

Amsterdam c. 1890

Street musicians of Amsterdam, Kaatje and Christiaan Britting
(ca. 1885)