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"When you arrive at
the destination,
never forget where
the journey began"


Here on Insightia, we work hard to offer you the best online-time-traveling-experience ever. through a dedicated and distraction-free platform. By limiting our content to a very focused small collection of relevant high-quality historical photos and footages collected from professional artists and passionate history colorization amateurs from the various corners of the web. and avoiding any kind of advertisement that may lead to any potential distraction.
but all of that comes with a price obviously. this website is being run on very limited personal resources. so please if you enjoy this website or would like to see this project flourish. please consider supporting us to improve and keep this time-traveling machine running.

About insightia

Insightia is a platform designed specifically to take its curious Visitors to the furthest point in time which technology enables us to reach.

Many of the items on are licensed under the Creative Commons license. but other items are Copyrighted to their respective owners. please contact Us for any questions.