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United Kingdom

Everything that ever happens, remains happening forever

I was told he had come back from playing and found his house a shambles—his mother, father and brother dead under the rubble…he was looking up at the sky, his face an expression of both confusion and defiance. The defiance made him look like a young Winston Churchill. This photograph was used by IBM to publicize a show in London. The boy grew up to become a truck driver after the war, and walking past the IBM offices, he recognized his picture.

Photo by Toni Frissell

London 1945.

London in Colour 1924-1926

Filmed in colour by Claude Friese-Greene (1898–1943) during his pioneering tour of the British Isles 1924-1926. Music by Ennio Morricone


Westminster Bridge with trams, London, 1918-1919

Laborers in Victorian England, 1901

Upscaled with neural networks footage from the dawn of film taken by Mitchell and Kenyon in North England, 1901. In the video various films taken in 1900-1901 displaying some of the grittier nature of work in those days. As you can see, source quality is really important to make a descent upscale video
Credit: YT@Denis Shiryaev


"Street Life in London" photojournalism series by John Thomson.

plus quotes from 'Street Life in London', 1877, by John Thomson and Adolphe Smith

The Organ Boys’ in London

The young boys from Parma made their first appearance in London soon after the end of the Napoleonic Wars. In March 1820 theTimesreported that “the public have of late been exceedingly annoyed by the appearance of a number of Italian boys with monkeys and white mice wandering about the streets, exciting the compassion of the benevolent.” Apparently, two Italian men brought at least twenty children from towns near Parma to London on a fifteen-month contract for the express purpose of begging in the streets. Each boy was given a monkey, mouse, or squirrel, and at the end of...

“‘The Organ Boys’ in London.” Little Slaves of the Harp: Italian Child Street Musicians in Nineteenth-Century Paris, London, and New York, by JOHN E. ZUCCHI, McGill-Queen's University Press, 1992, pp. 76–110. JSTOR.

Young Italian street musician performing in London, 1877. From the legendary "Street Life in London" photojournalism series by John Thomson.